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Emily, a young teenage girl has to struggle with her new identity as a vampire. Even though she can´t remember anything from her past, her dreams are torturing her... But thats not enough - her new "life" isn´t as easy and "cool" as it may seem. Are the vampires around her, her friends... or fiends?

February 17th, 2012, 12:06 am

The first book

Hello there!

So, you might be wondering... "What? Where is the comic I knew?! Everything is different know... Even the title is different!"
Well,... I have great news!
"Grablicht" was/is a comic published in germany by a big publisher... until they closed the Comic-section and decided to stick with regular books.
I had a lot of struggle, because I wanted to draw the story, but couldn´t... I found a new publisher, but I had to change the title, made up a "new start" etc. because I didn´t own the copyright to "Grablicht" anymore.
So I changed its name to "Emilys Grablicht".
But at the very beginning of 2012, I got mail from my previous publisher who officially said "Do what you want with your comic" ... and thats what I do now!
With permission of my new (independent) publisher, I´m now uploading the first two books online - german, english and soon even japanese :)

These pages are old, I think from 2008, but nevertheless, its MY story and I want to tell it! And when I´m able to show you everything from beginning to end, I will do that!
Right now I´m editing and translating all those old pages (I have to change the whole reading direction... from japanese to "normal" ... Why? Because I WANT to! :D Freeedooooooooooom!)

Even though I´m still sick (first the car-crash, then the doctors diagnosed me with a chronical illnes D:) I think I can manage to upload here regulary!

So... I hope you will enjoy the whole story "Grablicht", from the very beginning :D


December 9th, 2011, 3:53 pm

Comic paused - I´m sorry!

Hello there!

I´m very sorry, but I have to pause this comic for a while. I recently had a car-accident and I am in a lot of pain - I can´t draw for a while ),:
I hope, I can start the work on this story again soon... Until then, thanks for your understanding and sorry again! I will be back as fast as i can!


November 13th, 2011, 5:55 pm

Youtube-Making Of

Wanna see, how the screentone-work for the latest page (005) was made? :D
I recorded a little ^0^
Here you go!

MAYBE I will do a complete making of, of a whole page... some time... maybe... MAYBE!

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